Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Ideas

I’ve been thinking more and more about making over our kitchen.  When we bought our house, a kitchen makeover was part of our plans.  The cabinets are what I call black.  They aren’t really black, but a very dark (“cheapy” looking) composite material.  Not very pretty.

When I’m working on our house, I like to look at Pinterest and different blogs I follow for inspiration.  It makes it so much easier to imagine what our house might look like to see what others have done.

Below are some of the ideas I’m thinking about for our kitchen makeover:

Wood Floors:

We’re planning on adding wood floors or faux wood floors.  While wood would look great, I’m not against wood look tile or vinyl.  We’re also thinking about removing the carpet in the dining room and extending the wood on into the dining room.  I like the wood tone Kristen from Ella Claire used in her kitchen, but a darker wood would be alright too.

Farmhouse Kitchen

White Cabinets:

I’d like to get new cabinets, but we always seem to be trying to do things on a budget.  I don’t know if I want to wait until we can afford new cabinets, so we just might paint them white.  I have no idea why, but the door pulls are located in the middle of the doors which makes it really inconvenient to open them.  We’re thinking of covering the doors with bead board to cover the holes that will be left when we remove the pulls.  Or we might do a shaker style application instead.  Right now I’m leaning toward black door pulls like At The Picket Fence used.  The range top is black and I think the black pulls would balance out the kitchen nicely.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Open Shelves:

The cabinets on the left side of the kitchen are up too high which leaves too much of a gap between them and the counter.  I call them “flying cabinets”.  For that reason, I’m thinking of adding some open shelving underneath them.  I like the open shelving Duke Manor Farm used, especially the bead board they lined them with.

Farmhouse Open Shelves

Bead Board:

I absolutely love the look of bead board or planking on a kitchen ceiling, so I’m hoping we can add something like Southern Hospitality shared below.  Like I mentioned before, we might use bead board on the cabinet doors or maybe on the back splash.  I do love it, but I have to be careful I don’t get carried away and use too much.


Wood Countertops:

I would love to have wood countertops like The Weathered Fox to provide a balance for all the white and the wood floors.  My husband isn’t sold on the idea though so that may or may not happen. Actually, I’m pretty lucky. We usually like the same things when it comes to home decor, so when we’re decorating our home, I like to choose things we both love.

Farmhouse Kitchen Countertops

Lots to think about.  I think I will print out these pictures so maybe I can put it all together in my mind.  I’m looking forward to getting started on our kitchen makeover project.

Happy Decorating,

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16 Replies to “Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Ideas”

    1. Sandy Garrett Post author

      Thank you so much Sarah! You made my day!! I absolutely love your blog too and love the way you decorate your home!! We painted the living room and kitchen in our last house a soft yellow similar to yours. Since our current house is smaller, we decided to go with more neutral colors. I still miss the yellow sometimes though.

  1. Debrashoppeno5

    I loved your ideas and scheduled to my kitchen board. I need to do something to my kitchen and really want to gut it and start over but that is just not practical. I will be studying your ideas.

    1. Sandy Garrett Post author

      I know what you mean Debra, about wanting to just start over with your kitchen. I would really love to get new cabinets, but that’s not happening. I think that’s why I like seeing what others have done with their kitchens in hopes that I can find something that will work for me.

  2. Wanda

    Aren’t those gorgeous kitchens? I think I’ve pinned several of those myself. Probably hadn’t seen the others.

    Wood floors in the kitchen. I have them and actually do love them, however…… they WILL buck when they get wet. It doesn’t take much water to make them buck, either. When I say buck, I mean each board will curl up a bit on the edges. Not horribly so. You’re not going to stub a toe or anything, but they will do it. So if you choose wood floors, make sure there’s a heck of a lot of protective finish on them.

  3. Leslie Soto

    Hi! Happy Saturday! I just found your blog through the Blog Fuel group. I am in love with this post. My husband & I are about to build our dream home and i’m all about the farmhouse look so this post stole my heart! I want it all! I hope you don’t mind that i’m pinning this for inspiration!

    1. Sandy Garrett Post author

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! I don’t mind your pinning it at all. That’s what I do. There’s no way I would remember all the great ideas I find. I love the fact that when I get ready to do a project, all I have to do is go to Pinterest and find all my inspiration photos.

  4. Jayleen

    I love these ideas and want to investigate wood countertops further! I haven’t jumped on the granite bandwagon and would love something different!


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