Ways To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home

I love cottage style, but more and more I’m leaning toward farmhouse decor. Not only is it very popular, but it reminds me of simpler times and treasured visits to my grandmother’s house when I was a child.

Even though it was a simpler time, it was not necessarily easier.  My grandmother churned her own butter, raised chickens, canned her own food, “put up” food in her freezer, and purchased eggs from the neighbor across the street.  Not that I want to do that, but it brings to mind a more self sufficient time when things didn’t have to be perfect and hand me downs were ok.

Our lives are so much more stressful today than they used to be and by adding farmhouse style to my home, I’m hoping to create a more cozy, peaceful place for my family to enjoy.

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Some Things I Love About Farmhouse Style:

White Slipcovers:

White slipcovers are perfect for farmhouse decor and the blue pillows Kristen of Ella Claire used on her couch adds just the right amount of color to the room.

White slipcovers are perfect for farmhouse style decor.

Grain Sacks:

Grain sacks are right at home in farmhouse decor and what an ingenious idea that Little Vintage Nest had to frame her vintage grain sacks in an old window.  There’s a tutorial on her site if you want to make your own.

Farmhouse Vintage Grain Sacks

Farmhouse Signs:

I’ve always loved farmhouse signs and especially the Farmer’s Market sign over the sink at Funky Junk Interiors.  I was happy to see there are now stencils available for purchase so you can make your own.

Farmhouse Kitchen Signs


Shiplap just says “farmhouse” and you are lucky indeed if your home has vintage shiplap that can be painted.  If it doesn’t, you can easily add it like Little Red Brick House has done in their dining room.

Farmhouse Shiplap

White Kitchen Cabinets:

I love the look of white cabinets like Lauren McBride used in her kitchen.  She has also used shiplap on her backsplash.  Beadboard used as a backsplash looks great as well.

White farmhouse kitchen cabinets

Vintage Accessories:

Vintage decor adds character to your home and House of Hawthornes uses a corner cabinet to display her collection of vintage dishes.

Corner Cupboard With Vintage Accessories

More Farmhouse Things I Like:

The most important thing about home decor is surrounding yourself with the things you love regardless of what is in style at the moment.  Don’t re-decorate your home just because a style is popular.  Always choose things you love.

One way to determine what you like is to look at pictures on Pinterest and try to determine what it is you like about them.  The colors, white slip covered furniture, architectural detail like shiplap, decor, accessories.  Make a list of everything and then start slowly incorporating them into your rooms.

For more farmhouse ideas, you might want to go to my Pinterest Farmhouse Board where I share lots of great inspiration to turn your home into a cozy, peaceful, loving place for your family to enjoy.

Talk soon,

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    1. Sandy Garrett Post author

      Rachel – So glad you like them and thanks for stopping by and commenting! I also love the look of white slip covers and while I don’t have them, they are on my wish list.


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