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Collectible Porcelain Figurine – First Gift From Husband

“Victoria” was one of the first things my husband purchased for me after we were married and it is still one of my most cherished possessions! I think the amazing attention to detail is what made me fall in love with the collectible porcelain figurines the first time I saw them. They were exquisite! I would just stand and stare at each one in the display case. I was absolutely fascinated.

“Victoria” was purchased in the little Danish town of Solvang, CA in 1982. She was hand crafted by Jamalea Corre’ using a technique developed by Italian artists during the 17th century. After years of research, Jamalea was able to replicate their painstaking multi-media processes which required many steps of meticulous hand work and hours of curing time between each step.



Notice the intricate detailing of the costume, decorative accessories and hand-painted face that makes each figurine a “one of a kind”. ┬áIt has a much softer look, but I couldn’t seem to capture it. I love the detail of the hat, purse and pearl necklace.



The detail on the skirt, lace shawl and hair is absolutely amazing to me.




How The Heirloom Figures Were Made

According to a guide that appeared on Ebay, “Jamelea Corre’ worked by herself on all of her heirloom creations, making about 150 of each design, then moving onto a new design. She began with a bisque body and attached porcelain arms and a porcelain head. After collecting the various fabrics, laces, and jewelry, a mixture of glue and starch was prepared and the items to be applied were saturated with the mixture. The clothing and accessories were then draped . Next began the draping of the hair, a cotton crochet yarn, tinted and dyed to the desired color, each strand carefully positioned. The face was painted with great detail with acrylics and finally, dry brush painting finished off the details desired in the finished figures.”

I mentioned, “Victoria” was purchased in 1982 and I saw more of Jamalea Corre’s work on subsequent visits to Solvang. Then sometime in the 90’s, I noticed that the figurines had changed. Still exquisite workmanship, but the dress colors were more vibrant. I called the company and was told that Jamalea was no longer making the figurines, but had taught her daughter the process and she was making them.

In preparation to write this post, I did a search to see if I could find any information as to whether they were still being produced. Jamalea was born in 1925 and if she is still alive today, she would be 89. As noted above, her daughter took over the creation of the figurines in the 90’s and if she is still making them, I couldn’t find any information about it. That just makes “Victoria” all the more precious to me!

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