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Christmas Fireplace Mantle Decorations

When I decided to start working on decorating our mantle, I was thinking of using silver with white candles; but as happens with a lot of my decorating projects, the mantle took on a life of it’s own and went off in an entirely different direction.

I started with a porcelain girl tree topper I bought from JoAnn’s several years ago. I placed her in the middle of the fireplace.  Behind the tree topper, I added an antique mirror left over from when I used to have a booth in an antique mall and a green evergreen garland which ran the length of the mantle.


Then I added two Santa Claus figurines, one on each side of the tree topper and filled in with pine cones from our yard.  Next came clear votive candle holders and behind the holders, wood candle holders with deep red candles.



Next to the votive candle holders, I placed red candle holders from At Home America, then two more Santas on each side.  Three of the Santas were from my Mom’s vintage Santa collection.



On the end, I added the cute little Christmas houses I got from WalMart several years ago.  The tailor shop on the left and the bakery on the right.



Then for the finishing touch, the candles are lit….so cozy looking.


Since I already had the items I used, I didn’t have to purchase anything new.  I just put them together in a different way than I had in the past.  I’m loving the way it turned out.

Happy Holidays!

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