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China Cabinet: Decorated For Christmas

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is our china cabinet. Everything looks so pretty displayed, especially at night when the light shines off the various glass objects. It gives the room such a cozy feel. I love being able to decorate it for Christmas so I can display some of the special things that belonged to my Mom that I remember from my childhood.


All the items in this picture belonged to my Mom. I remember the red glasses from when I was little. We always used them at Christmas and they seemed so elegant.


These items belonged to my Mom also and the covered candy dish was really special to me as a child. Mom always filled it with hard Christmas candies. LOL….enough said.


The plate is from my good set of dishes that we use to set the table every year at Christmas. The crystal dish was my Mom’s.


The vintage green glasses I’ve had for a number of years and we use them on the Christmas table every year. The vintage ornaments belonged to my mother-in-law.


Another plate from my “good dishes”. The vintage pressed glass covered jar is one of the few things I have that belonged to my grandmother and it is always included on our Christmas table.


I remember this vintage pig cookie jar sitting on top of our refrigerator when I was a child.


The bear cookie jar is from my husband’s childhood. He has fond memories of getting to eat the treats it contained.


I treasure so many of the things displayed in the cabinet and I’ve really enjoyed having a place to display them where we can see them every day. It’s so nice that I have a safe place to put them (where the cats can’t get to them) and I look forward to changing the display for each season.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad I was able to share my cabinet with you.

Happy Holidays,

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NOTE:  Some of the items in my china cabinet are available on eBay. To see the items on ebay, click on the links below.

Red Anchor Hocking Glasses
Metlox Vineyard Dishes
Pig Cookie Jar
Vintage Bear Cookie Jar

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