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Antique Shopping For Home Decor

One of my favorite pastimes is shopping at antique stores and malls. It’s sort of like a treasure hunt and I find it very relaxing. I usually don’t have anything in particular in mind, but you never know what you will find. It’s a great way to find unique home decor.


At this particular antique store, we purchased an antique maple dresser that both my husband and I love. We also found this pine side table that now resides in our dining room.


We found several things for our home in this shop in addition to the side table and dresser. One of the things was this lamp. It was so cute and I couldn’t believe it was only $18.00. Originally it was a swag lamp but my husband rewired it so we could hang it from the ceiling.


I picked up the vase and flowers at another antique store. I love the “lettering” on the vase. The Shawnee Pig Salt & Pepper Shakers belonged to my Mom, but I have seen similar ones for sale in antique stores.


The figurine of the country girl with the chicken is so cute. I have it displayed in a cabinet in my dining room along with a few other items with a chicken motif. This is just an example of the type of items you can find at antique stores that will really personalize your decor. Who knew I would have found a figurine of a girl with a chicken. I wasn’t even looking for one, but it fits in perfectly with the other chicken decor I have in the dining room.


This plate is another item I just “happened to find”. It’s so pretty and adds to the cottage style that I like to decorate with.


What unique decor have you found in antique stores? Please share in the comments below.

Happy shopping,

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The Shawnee Pig Salt & Pepper Shakers are also available on eBay, follow the link below:
Shawnee Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

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