Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Ideas

I’ve been thinking more and more about making over our kitchen.  When we bought our house, a kitchen makeover was part of our plans.  The cabinets are what I call black.  They aren’t really black, but a very dark (“cheapy” looking) composite material.  Not very pretty. When I’m working on our house, I like to look at Pinterest and different blogs I follow for inspiration.  It makes it so much easier to imagine what our house might look like to see what others have done. Below are some of the ideas I’m thinking about for our kitchen makeover: Wood Floors: We’re Click Here To Read Full Post →

Free Printable Christmas Tags

Have you started wrapping your Christmas gifts yet?  I even shocked myself and decided to wrap my gifts early this year.  The only problem was, I bought gift bags and boxes and forgot to buy tags.   Best laid plans….but I didn’t want to wait!  Who knows, I may not be in the mood to wrap them again until the last minute like normal. So, I decided to look online for some printable gift tags.  Oh my, why didn’t I think to do this before! There are so many free printable Christmas tags available online and they are so cute Click Here To Read Full Post →

DIY Summer Wreath For Your Door

I wanted to share a summer wreath I put together next to our back door to replace the fall wreath I had there. I say “back door” because it goes into the laundry room; but because it is next to the driveway, everyone seems to enter the house that way instead of going around to the front door. I started out with a grapevine wreath.  Then I added a flowered garland. It was so easy to do.  I just wrapped it around the wreath, attaching it with wire twist ties or you could use a glue gun to attach it Click Here To Read Full Post →

DIY Spring Teacup Planter

Even though it’s starting to warm up a little, it’s still a bit too cold for me to go out and do much planting. We did go out yesterday and rake up leaves, but it’s still too cold to do much.  So I decided to purchase some indoor succulents and make a little teacup planter garden for my antique hoosier. I love the way it turned out and it’s surprising how such a small change has brightened up the kitchen. I used teacups and a small cream pitcher I already had to “plant’ them in.  I couldn’t bring myself to actually Click Here To Read Full Post →

6 Painting Ideas: Tips And Tricks

  This time of year I start thinking about all the DIY projects that need done around the house and I’m reminded that few things can make as much difference as painting a room and it’s also the least expensive.  We have plans to paint several rooms this year and I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes the look and feel of our home. Since I’ve been thinking about painting, I decided to share some of my favorite painting ideas and tips with you that I’ve learned over the years.   Painting Ideas to Get You Started: Remove as Click Here To Read Full Post →

Paint Colors: How To Choose

Whenever I decorate any room in my house, it seems to take on a life of it’s own and never ends up looking like I envisioned it to begin with. This is what happened when I was choosing paint colors for my home office several years ago. To begin with, I only knew I wanted to paint the walls green (my favorite color). That in itself was a problem.  Do you know how many shades of green exist? So a trek to Lowe’s was in order. Then armed with a whole handful of paint chips, I set about trying to Click Here To Read Full Post →