How To Decorate Cottage Style

One of my favorite home decor styles is Cottage Style. It is very versatile and includes a number of different styles in addition to what is commonly referred to as Cottage Style.  These include Farmhouse, French Country, Coastal or Beach, Romantic Cottage and English Cottage. There are certain characteristics common to all these styles and some that are peculiar to each. So, what should you look for when decorating in each of the different cottage styles? Farmhouse: This style is relaxed and casual and has a simple, functional design reminiscent of farmhouses from times gone by. Included are white painted cabinets, Click Here To Read Full Post →

Summer Flowers In My Garden

One of my favorite things this time of year is being able to walk around outside in my garden and enjoy all the summer flowers that are blooming.  I love my backyard and I’m only able to enjoy it for a few months each summer, so I like to take advantage of the good weather. I couldn’t believe all the blooms on my blue hydrangea this year.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you this, but for about the first three years we lived here neither of my hydrangeas had any blooms at all. Then, I read online that the blooms Click Here To Read Full Post →

Farmhouse Dining Room Inspiration

I’ve been wanting to add some farmhouse charm to my dining room so I put together a collection of farmhouse dining rooms for inspiration.  It’s easier for me to figure out what I like and don’t like when I can see a picture.  It’s also easier to pick out the different elements that I think might work in my own home. The dining room from Farmhouse5540 that Town and Country Living shared, just says “farmhouse” to me.  Again a farmhouse table and matching chairs with a perfect vintage centerpiece.  Another element of farmhouse design is the white ironstone collection in the Click Here To Read Full Post →

10 Front Porch Ideas

The front porch is the first thing people see when they enter your home.  I think we all want to create a front porch that makes people feel welcome as well as create a place where we can enjoy relaxing and spending time.  I put together these tips and ideas to make it easy for you to create a welcoming front porch you’ll love. (If you click on a link in this post and purchase a product, I may receive a commission.  Click here to read my full disclosure.  Thank you for your support!) 1)  Freshen Up The Front Door With Click Here To Read Full Post →

Decorating With Quilts

Throughout time, the making of quilts has been a popular past time.  In the early years, it was mostly for utilitarian purposes to provide warm bedding.  In the 1800’s, it also became a way to get together with friends as quilting bees became popular.  Quilting went out of style during the 50’s and 60’s and eventually regained popularity as pretty fabrics made especially for quilting became available. The quilt above was pieced and hand sewn for me by my Grandmother in 1969.  Many of the scraps used to piece the quilt were from my aunts sewing projects.  The yellow and Click Here To Read Full Post →

7 Ideas To Create A Relaxing Cottage Garden

When I think of a cottage garden, I envision winding paths with cute benches where you can sit for awhile and enjoy the summer sun and the sounds and scents of the garden.  I think of a garden with wonderful vintage flowers and something of interest around every turn.  A place to just relax and enjoy being in nature. Below are seven elements of traditional cottage style that you can add to your garden to create the romance of “days gone by” and at the same time create a special place to unwind, relax, or just read a book. (If Click Here To Read Full Post →

Outdoor Dining

Here in the Pacific Northwest, warmer weather and summer are slow in coming.  We have started to see a few warmer days and more sun and that has me thinking ahead to being able to enjoy outdoor dining again this year. Our last house had a wonderful deck out front and my husband and I enjoyed many meals outside. I don’t know why, but it felt like a picnic even when we didn’t go anywhere. Then after dinner we used to just relax and watch the traffic go by. It reminded me of times gone by when people would sit Click Here To Read Full Post →

Gig Harbor – A Relaxing Day

There are so many wonderful places to visit in the Pacific Northwest, but one of our favorites is Gig Harbor, Washington. During a heavy storm in 1840, Captain Charles Wilkes brought his small boat (a gig) into the harbor for protection. Later, with the publication of Wilkes 1841 Map of the Oregon Territory, he named the sheltered bay Gig Harbor. Today the little town of is a popular tourist attraction with cute shops and restaurants. We actually have friends that live right on the water overlooking the harbor. The picture below is the view from their deck. We spent a Click Here To Read Full Post →

Garage Sales: 6 Tips For Shopping

I love garage sales! You never know what you will find. It’s like one big treasure hunt and the prices can’t be beat.  It’s also a great way to find home decor, things for the garden, and that special item you can’t find anywhere else. Below is a picture of my very favorite garage sale. What fun! To begin with – what a cute house! The driveway, yard and wrap around porch was packed with things to look at and to top it off it was a beautiful sunny day. Wish I could find more sales like this one. The Click Here To Read Full Post →

DIY Summer Wreath For Your Door

I wanted to share a summer wreath I put together next to our back door to replace the fall wreath I had there. I say “back door” because it goes into the laundry room; but because it is next to the driveway, everyone seems to enter the house that way instead of going around to the front door. I started out with a grapevine wreath.  Then I added a flowered garland. It was so easy to do.  I just wrapped it around the wreath, attaching it with wire twist ties or you could use a glue gun to attach it Click Here To Read Full Post →