Fall Decorations: Home Tours

I love home tours and being able to see all the different ways people decorate their homes.  So, come along with me as we visit a few of my favorite blogger’s homes and see all their fall decorations . Kristen from Ella Claire decided to simplify her fall decor this year by bringing in “simple fall touches” from outside and from her garden.  She added pops of color by bringing in branches from outside and sunflowers that Kristen and her daughter found at the side of the road. Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane likes using a neutral palate to decorate her home. Click Here To Read Full Post →

Meeker Mansion At Christmas

Ever since we moved to this area I wanted to visit the Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, WA, especially during the holidays when they decorate the mansion for Christmas. The Meeker Mansion is a 17-room italianate victorian mansion.  It took three years to build and was finished in 1890.  I was surprised to learn that Mrs. Meeker not only had the house designed and built, but she paid for it with her own money and the title was in her name.  That seemed to me to be a little unusual for that time period. Ezra Meeker was a pioneer and leading Click Here To Read Full Post →